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Is your pet constantly scratching itself?

Although pets occasionally exhibit watery eyes and sneezing, the most common allergic reaction is scratching. A complete physical examination may often reveal the cause of the itching. Lab tests such as ear or skin cytology may be needed to guide treatment. In some cases allergy testing is indicated.


Vet Stop utilizes serum allergy testing for evaluating food, regional and contact allergies.

For severe allergies, we will train you on how to administer desensitizing agents to help with the symptoms.

Constant scratching may lead to raised and infected welts, infected ears, and loss of hair. If your pet is exhibiting signs of skin irritation, ear infections or hair loss, bring them in for a examination.


Vet Stop Animal Clinic, Saint Peters, MO will performs a full evaluation and provides you with the best medicines to help your pet get well and back to their old selves in no time.

Is your pet suffering from a skin rash?