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Our Services

Wellness Care

Vet Stop Animal Hospital general wellness care services include wellness checkups, vaccinations, heartworm prevention, medication refill and pain management among other programs in place to keep your pet happy and healthy.


At Vet Stop Animal Hospital, your pet is in good hands for surgical procedures. A handful of our specialties include soft tissue surgery, tumor removal, dental cleanings and extractions, mass removal, skin and wound repairs and gastrointestinal surgeries. With X-Rays and complete blood analysis available on site, we will give your pets the best care possible. All of our patients receive pre-anesthetic blood-work and post-surgery pain medication.


Radiology services such as x-rays are part of our core service offerings. X-Rays offer a deeper understanding of your pet’s health beneath the surface through detailed images that assist our team in identifying issues with tissue and bone.


Dental health is a vital component of your pet’s overall wellness; many overlooked health problems begin with dental disease. At Vet Stop, we understand the importance of physical examinations and thorough oral health care assessments as preventative measures to long-term health issues. Whether you’re coming in for a routine check-up or a more specific dental concern, our experts have your pet’s best interest in mind.

Diagnostic Bloodwork

We offer diagnostic bloodwork that gives us insight on your pet’s health. Blood tests can help us analyze your pet’s health to identify potential deficiencies or chemical imbalances that may indicate larger issues. Bloodwork is just one of the valuable tools we use to offer your pet top-of-the-line care at Vet Stop.

Skin and Allergy Testing

We offer an array of options when it comes to skin and allergy testing. Pets occasionally exhibit watery eyes and sneezing, but the most common allergic reaction is scratching. A complete physical examination may often reveal the cause of the itching. Lab tests such as ear or skin cytology may be needed to guide treatment. Vet Stop utilizes serum allergy testing for evaluating food, regional and contact allergies. For severe allergies, we will train you on how to administer desensitizing agents to help with the symptoms. Our team will perform a full evaluation and provide the best medicine to help get your pet well and back to their old selves in no time, regardless of allergy.


At Vet Stop, we offer top-of-the-line grooming services including haircuts and trimming, nail clipping and anal gland expression, ear cleaning, medicated bath and full brush services. We provide professional grooming services for all breeds of dogs and cats.

Pet Boarding

Our state-of-the-art boarding facility is designed and maintained to ensure your pets are safe, happy, and healthy throughout their stay. We have environmentally controlled runs that are kept extremely clean to ensure your pet is comfortable during their stay. Your dog will be exercised and monitored by our experienced staff in the fully fenced outdoor portion of our hospital several times a day. For our feline friends, we offer kitty condos, so your cat will have plenty of room to move around and play during their stay.


Doggy Daycare

Leave your dogs with us while you’re at work! Doggy Daycare is a great way for your dog to socialize and burn energy. Each dog’s temperament is carefully screened to ensure that they are not aggressive and all pets at doggie daycare remain safe. All dogs must be current on vaccinations and testing.